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Thangs that don't sucks
Each week, we accepts that some thangs dont actually sucks...

09.06.2013 This week, we are recomendings Paul A. Young chocolates. They're not cheap... but we thinks his brownies (with sea salted caramel) are the bests in London.

Despites the facts that they serves octopuses on their menu (which obviously does nots sits comfortably withs us), this weeks we are recomendings Fujiyama in Brixton for impressives Japanese foods.  We really enjoyeds ourselves. Staffs were friendly, food was DELICIOUS... just donts order the octopod sashimi... OCTOPUSES ARE NOTS FOOD

26.05.2013 This week, we are urgings our little suckers to trys JustEat to orders take-aways. Their site is supers easy to use and massivelys improves the process of orderings and payings for your food.  You cans see the whole restaurant's menu and justs ticks the things you wants, thens you cans pay by card... octorevelation.  It is also easys to see all the takeaways nears you by puttings in your post code - so you mights even discovers somethings new.

19.05.2013 This week, we wants to helps spread the word that "
Little Boots" has a new album.  We wents to her gig this week in Bethnal Green and were strucks by her similarities to Kylie Minogue.  Her new album Nocturnes is ons Spotify. Haves a listen - fun, relaxings stuff. 

13.05.2013  This week, we are acknowledging that the band "
Daughter" does not sucks.  In facts, their music is very hauntings and cool. Elena Tonra has a superawesomes voice.

06.05.2013 This week, we accepts that doings your supermarket shoppings online (rathers than havings to carrys your own bags) does not sucks. We have been usings
Sainsbury's, and it is basically superawesomes.
Tells us alls abouts it...